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Shower Renovations and Replacement
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Aquebogue Shower Replacement

Do you have a faulty or outdated shower? You don’t need to endure the inconvenience any longer. With our Aquebogue shower replacement service, you can return to enjoying a refreshing shower in a comfortable and safe space as early as day one!

accessible bathroom and shower remodelLong Island Bath Remodeling is a team of professionals whose bathroom renovation services are proven to be swift, accurate, and cost-effective. We offer a myriad of layouts and accessory options to complement the overall design or ambiance that you want for your bathroom.

Whether it’s converting your shower to a bath, switching your tub to a shower, or enhancing your existing setup. Our team comprises plumbers, electricians, and design experts dedicated to crafting a relaxing oasis tailored to your unique needs.

If you are looking for a complete shower replacement service to transform your bathroom into a more stylish, functional, and safe space, let our team handle it for you. Our products and services are guaranteed to be exceptionally personalized based on your budget, needs, and stylistic preferences.

Call Long Island Bath Remodeling at (516) 518-3864 for your Free Consultation with a Aquebogue Shower Replacement expert!

Fast, Affordable Shower Replacement

Long Island Bath Remodeling is a trusted bathroom remodeling company known for its refined work and time-efficient process. Our team accommodates both small- and large-scale projects with the same commitment to working in a fast-paced yet precise manner.

new bathtub installationWe have even finished numerous projects as quickly as one day—all while still rendering excellent services that our clients loved and gladly paid for!

You can trust that our Aquebogue shower replacement and other bathroom remodeling services won’t be dragged out unnecessarily. We aim to get out of your way as soon as possible, leaving your place with no post-construction mess but with a rather more polished appearance.

From the initial planning phase, we take a straightforward and meticulous approach. Understanding your specific needs for safety, accessibility, and functionality is paramount. Your budget and design preferences are also key considerations. Once we grasp your vision, we’ll propose suitable fixtures, and layout modifications, and provide a detailed cost estimate.

Once you’ve approved all the details, we’ll immediately gather all the materials and begin the shower replacement. If the project is simple enough, you can go about your daily tasks and return to an already improved bathroom. No more days of refitting that disrupt your routine and cost more labor fees!

Functional Shower Conversions

If your goal is to modify your shower to have functions that better fit your lifestyle, our Aquebogue shower replacement experts at Long Island Bath Remodeling can do that for you!

Aquebogue Shower Replacement custom shower remodel 300x220We have designers and engineers whose skills and equipment make space planning and functional conversions seem easy. Our team knows how to properly maximize your bathroom space and give it upgrade features that will make your hygiene practices more comfortable and safe to accomplish.

Do you want to get rid of your barely used bathtub and have a new shower instead? Do you prefer to replace your shower with a relaxing tub? Do you need both to account for different users?

Regardless of your specifications, Long Island Bath Remodeling can remodel your bathroom with improved functions that cater to your needs and preferences!

We’ll address your safety concerns with fixtures like handlebars, shower benches, walk-in tubs, and non-slip floors. We’ll also consider the mobility issues of the users and appropriately add features that cover all possible hazards.

Accessible Shower Updates

As mentioned above, Long Island Bath Remodeling caters to all scales of shower replacement and bathroom remodeling projects.

step-thru bathtubOur expertise covers designing bathrooms to be as inclusive as possible for people with varying needs and preferences. If users have disabilities or special needs, you can rely on us to make the necessary adjustments in the design, space planning, and additional features.

For instance, if stepping into a tub presents an issue, we can create an open shower layout. Those needing bathing assistance may benefit from a spacious tub or shower area with added fixtures ensuring safety and comfort for both the user and assistant. Barrier-free or low-barrier showers are ideal for individuals dealing with injuries or joint discomfort.

Moreover, if you want a more cozy bathroom experience, we can easily equip your shower with any of your chosen fixtures. You can visit our showroom to get an idea of what you want and what fits your budget. You can even get tubs with water jets to have that spa-like experience in the comfort of your home!

Let’s Talk Now – Free Consultation

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Don’t settle for a broken, good enough shower and dull bathroom space. Work with our Aquebogue, NY shower remodel company for a comprehensive shower replacement service!

We’ll upgrade your shower experience with modern, functional features that will give you the maximum safety and comfort within your budget. You can trust that the materials we use are from reputable suppliers who can guarantee quality within reasonable rates.

Get in touch with us today. Our shower replacement experts will gladly help you bring your dream bathroom space into reality!

Call Long Island Bath Remodeling at (516) 518-3864 for your Free Consultation with a Aquebogue Shower Replacement expert!