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Long Island Accessible Shower Installation

Long Island Accessible Shower Installation 01 279x300Showers come in all shapes, sizes, and features, making the bathing experience suitable for all users. However, for those with mobility issues and the elderly, most shower setups are not user-friendly, which is why it is ideal to get these showers modified to make them accessible for them.

At Long Island Bath Remodeling, you can gain access to a stress-free and comprehensive Long Island accessible shower installation service that will transform your shower spaces to be more accessible to you and your loved ones who need it. We will take into account any limitations and accessibility requirements of its users and recommend the ideal accessible shower solution that matches the space and the budget of the client.

Our experts will guide you through the installation process and use accessible showers that are durable, functional, and stylish for your bathrooms.

Our team can even install additional features for your accessible showers to make them more enjoyable. Simply let us know what you need, and we will personalize our services to deliver the best accessible shower for your bathroom.

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Types of Accessible Showers

Showers come in different types to cater to the specific needs of their users and the available space where they will be installed. For accessible showers, it is available in the following types:

Long Island Accessible Shower Installation 03 1 300x266Curbless/ Roll-in Shower

This shower has no curb separating it from the rest of the bathroom. This allows users to enter and exit the shower area without worrying about the shower area not being leveled to the bathroom floor. It also has no lip or ledge that would cause users to trip.

Low-threshold safe walk-in shower

This shower has a small step-over threshold around 2 to 3 inches high. This is highly recommended for those with problems using a traditional shower setup but can still walk in without assistance.

Safe grab transfer showers

For people who need physical assistance entering and exiting showers, this shower comes with built-in seats and grab bars to make it accessible and usable for the user and their caretakers.

Our Long Island accessible shower installation service will reduce the stress of identifying the type of accessible shower that suits your needs. Once we identify the right type for you, we will personalize it to suit your needs and prepare your bathroom for installation.

Additional Accessible Shower Features

Accessible showers can be further modified to have additional features that make them easier to use. Some showers come with these features built-in, but if you want it modified or improved, it is possible, and some of the features you can request include:

  • Long Island Accessible Shower Installation 02 1 300x219Wider Shower Entrance – A wider shower entrance will allow all users to enter the shower area quickly.
  • Handheld Shower Head – To make it easier for users to shower, you can get a handheld shower head without making a lot of movement. It will also come with a long hose to be used even when the user is seated.
  • Shower Control Panel – Shower control panels allow users to control the water flow of the shower, as well as its temperature. For accessible showers, these panels will be easy to reach for any user in any position. It will also be an easy-to-read setting even if the shower is on.
  • Easy to Reach Storage – Storage is essential in any shower as it will help users access their clothes, hygiene kit, and anything they need during their bath time. If the household has children or pets, these storage units must be out of their reach while still accessible from the shower area.
  • Anti-Scalding Device – If the shower has cold and hot water options, you can request an anti-scalding valve to control the water flow as it undergoes a temperature change and prevent any burns from occurring. It will also ensure that the user is not surprised by the temperature changes as it goes out of the tap.
  • Non-Slippery Shower Flooring – Users can request non-slippery shower flooring for their accessible shower to keep everyone safe from slipping as they move in the shower and its surrounding area.
  • Adjustable Lighting – Showers can have adjustable lighting to help users adjust the brightness and glare of the light in the room.
  • Mirrors – Bathroom mirrors are a must to help users prepare themselves after bathing. This piece should be in an area where it will not be exposed to constant moisture.
  • Heat Lamps – This feature enables users to adjust the temperature in the bathroom at any given time while also providing it with the proper lighting.

Want to learn more about the accessibility features we can incorporate into your Long Island accessible shower installation? Our team of bathroom experts will assess your specific needs and recommend the best-suited shower features for your space. We’ll meticulously plan the installation to seamlessly blend these features with your bathroom’s design and ensure universal usability.

Let’s Talk – Free Consultation

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Getting an accessible shower for your bathroom doesn’t have to be complicated if you partner with an experienced Long Island, NY, shower installation company that knows how to do it efficiently and not go beyond your budget. The company must also be able to show you the available options so you can choose what is best for your space and match your needs.

At Long Island Bath Remodeling, we will be hands-on as we guide you through the accessible shower options and extra features, providing expert assistance to make the choice easier. We will adjust our installation plan according to your needs and finish it within your schedule and budget. Once we are done, you will be surprised with how well your new accessible showers work for you and your family.

Learn more about our services today by reaching out through our hotline, and we will help you get your project started.

Call Long Island Bath Remodeling at (516) 518-3864 for your Free Consultation with a Long Island Accessible Shower Installation expert!